David Hockney, Tate Britain

Passing through the misted glass doors into the light pink gallery, I am met by a lively throng of strangers. The damp squeak of winter footwear and the coats slung over creased arms evince the cool dusk of London in early February… Read more | 18/07/17

‘The art that can’t stand still’

I have never much liked graffiti, that art form whose subcultural status locates it somewhere between 1) a considered manifestation of creative expression and 2) downright vandalism… Read more | 25/03/17

Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisboa

The Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, located just north of the city centre, is named for the British/Armenian businessman and art collector who, in 1942, made Lisbon (one of) his (many) home(s)… Read more | 07/02/17

Museu de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia (MAAT), Lisboa

I am hesitant to make declarative statements about places into whose rich cultural waters my toes have only dipped. Nevertheless: Lisbon, Portugal’s capital and largest city (pop: c552,700), feels as though it is in the midst of substantial change… Read more | 28/12/16

Nocturnal Animals – Review

Like falling into a well filled with tailored suits, Tom Ford’s latest film, Nocturnal Animals, is a shocking but wonderfully immersive experience. An adaptation of American author Austin Wright´s 1993 novel… Read more | 10/11/16

Beyond Caravaggio, The National Gallery – Review

Like no other painter, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio limned drama on canvas. Exploding with humour, holiness and horror, paintings like The Taking of Christ, and Supper at EmmausRead more | 09/11/16

Museum Brandhorst, München

Last Thursday I spent an afternoon in Munich, Germany’s third largest city and the capital of Bavaria – a region whose citizens enjoy life as well as beer (the latter at the annual rate of roughly 170 litres per person)… Read more | 21/10/16

The inexorable appeal of Stan Smith’s shoes that he endorses

If curiosity so affected you, you would be forgiven for wondering why a young man in the prime of his life might continue to grace his purposeful striding legs with such tattered trainers as are pictured above… Read more | 18/10/16

Victoria – Review

It’s a long night in Berlin for Victoria, the title character of actor-turned-director Sebastian Schipper’s exhilarating drama about a group of partygoers whose evening ends in disaster… Read more | 22/04/16

Bone Tomahawk – Review

Right from the word go, multi-talented S. Craig Zahler’s latest offering, Bone Tomahawk, is an unforgiving and mesmerising visual assault. Set in the Old West at the turn of the century, the film follows a group of four men… Read more | 04/03/16