‘The groaning city in the gathering dark’

One thing about New York City is that lots of people go there. Lots. Over 55 million did so in 2015 – more than twice the amount of people who live in another, much bigger place: Australia.

As some straightforward internet-based research will reveal, many of the city’s visitors have also taken pictures of it, its people and its places, driven by a desire to capture in two dimensions what NYC graciously offers in three.

But this has not deterred me from here presenting my own pictures of the city, taken while on a week-long stay there this September.

I hope that they conjure up something of what NYC feels like to a humble observer – its sights, sounds, and smells. Unending roaring sirens and hot dogs cooked kerb-side.

For New York is a city that, like a fridge to a miniature Empire State building fridge magnet, exerts a powerful pull. A city in which there is ‘a sense’, as Joan Didion once wrote, ‘that something extraordinary would happen any minute, any day, any month’.

(Title quote taken from the magical Don Henley’s ‘New York Minute’)